How does HVAC size affect energy efficiency?

How does HVAC size affect energy efficiency?

HVAC systems have to be the right size to maintain the optimal performance of the whole system. Usually, these systems can run at peak efficiency. However, the HVAC energy efficiency you obtain is dependent on choosing the right size of the HVAC system. Choosing the rights size HVAC system allows you to avoid paying higher energy and temperature fluctuations.

We can imagine two situations where the HVAC system is too small and too big. If your HVAC system is too small, your system will work repeatedly to cool or heat your home at the set temperature. In this case, your energy bill will increase. If your HVAC system is too big, the system will be working unequally in a short period. For example, it will turn on and off every 15 minutes. This performance may lead to some trouble with the system or may lead to damage.

Due to the issues with wrong HVAC sizing, installers and users need to keep in mind factors that influence HVAC sizing. These factors include:

  • The climate in the region where the HVAC system is going to be installed
  • Walls materials – bricks, concrete or other – these materials have different thermal transmittance
  • The R-value of insulation
  • Number of windows and doors in the building
  • Use of appliances that generate some heat like an oven
  • Building location – How much building area is shaded or light during the day

These factors all have an influence on the size of HVAC you may need. Installers and users need to calculate the optimal size of systems to prevent losing efficiency. The systems can not be too large or too small. HVAC system size has to be just right depending on all these factors. To find out what size HVAC system you need to maximize energy efficiency, sign up with us and we will help you out!

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