What is the best solar monitoring system?

Solar Monitoring Systems

What is a solar monitoring system?

Monitoring systems allow you to keep track of the real-time data on your solar system. Additionally, you can see historical data of your system’s production.

What is the best solar monitoring system?

The best monitoring system in our opinion is the SolarEdge Monitoring Platform. The best monitoring system allows you not only to see the above data but also:

  • Energy monitoring
  • EV charging
  • Battery management

Advantages of the SolarEdge Monitoring Platform

Energy Production

Power optimizers collect energy production data from each of the installed modules.

Alert System

Power optimizers can send alerts to the monitoring system and tell you where the possible fault is located. Having this knowledge saves you a lot of time on manually searching for the faults.

Energy Consumption Monitoring

The SolarEdge electricity meter allows you to see how much energy your house is consuming, exporting, and importing. The higher your self-consumption rate, the more energy-independent you are.

Battery Management

The SolarEdge monitoring system provides you with a function that allows you to set your battery to work in the way you want. There are plenty of possibilities to fulfil your needs.